Adolescent Inpatient Eating Disorders Program

Eating disorders are complex mental illnesses often accompanied by serious medical complications. People with eating disorders struggle with malnutrition, severe disturbances in perception of weight, shape, and body image, and emotional challenges such as anxiety and mood disorders that can affect overall quality of life and well-being.


We believe that eating disorders are rooted in and driven by anxiety and profound disruptions to the sufferers’ sense of self. Our program is based in Exposure and Response Prevention and designed upon a foundation of evidence based approaches and current best practices in eating disorder treatment. We believe that with specialty treatment and family involvement there is hope for full recovery and living a life of meaning and connectedness.

Our Program

Fremont Hospital provides acute psychiatric stabilization and intensive therapeutic interventions and treatment for adolescents 12-17 with a primary eating disorder diagnosis such as Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, and Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorders.  We also provide services for co-occurring anxiety and mood disorders, trauma, substance abuse, and other psychiatric concerns.

We understand that an eating disorder not only impacts the individual but the whole family and therefore as part of the family you are an integral part of the treatment process.

Visiting Hours are from 7:15pm to 8:00pm Monday through Friday, and 3:00pm to 5:00pm on Weekends.

To reach the unit, please call 510.796.1100 ext. 4832.

To reach the Admissions Department, please call 1-888-796-1101